Your files / folders are missing

Can be due to many hardware or software problems. Check ‘Recycle Bin’, and search by time / date and name. If still missing, it’s time for professional recovery.

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Problem Description
You can’t find a file or group of files that you know should be on the hard drive. You worry that you or someone else deleted them, or you just have no idea where they went.

The Bad News
This can occur from just about any problem in the book. Often it is due to a bad sector or cluster that the hard drive doesn’t recognize as bad yet. Sometimes your drive will attempt to save data in a bad sector or cluster if it doesn’t recognize it as unusable. This problem can also be due to disk scoring or other hardware problems.

The Good News
IT Data Recovery can almost always return these files to you, whatever the cause. Even if someone has deleted them and emptied the recycle bin or if there is a major hardware problem such as disk scoring, IT Data Recovery is available 24/7 to help you get your data back.

Search for the files by name, time and date, and by file type. If you can’t find the files and they’re not in the ‘Recycle Bin’, the safest thing to do is to call us for an evaluation. Sometimes running scandisk can fix a simple problem, but it can also put your files at more risk too.
The less you do after noticing your files are gone, the easier and more likely it is for us to find and recover them. Don’t take unnecessary risks with data you can’t afford to lose.

Call us or click ‘START RECOVERY’ below to let IT Data Recovery return your data to you safely. There is no charge for the evaluation, and no charge if we don’t recover your data.

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