Recovery for USB Thumb Drives / SD Cards


IT Data Recovery has recovered hundreds of damaged or inaccessible USB thumbdrives and flash cards.

Often, a flash drive or flash card suddenly becomes unrecognizable to your computer or camera. Sometimes, a card is accidentally formatted by the customer before they realize it still had desired files on it. Another very common case for us to receive is a USB thumbdrive that has been dropped or become bent or broken. We recover these regularly and they are commonly quoted at or very close to our best-case-scenario pricing.

We have several methods to try to work around these problems and recover the data when possible. We recover most of these cases locally in our Austin data recovery lab, for which we usually charge $300-$450.

If your drive or card requires chip-off recovery or recovery beyond what we perform in-house, we have partners who can assist with these top-level type of cases, though their prices start at $500 and go up from there.

Call 512-444-3282 to discuss your hard drive problem with a live technician and discuss options with your data recovery.

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