RAID & NAS Drive Array Recovery


The professionals at IT Data Recovery support all types of physical and logical data recovery on RAID systems that use hardware and software-based RAID and NAS storage devices, including VMware servers. Our specialized RAID data recovery service has expert engineers who can restore data on Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux, Mac, Sun Solaris, QNAP, Synology, Drobo, LVM, XFS, Exchange, and even some proprietary server systems. RAID systems are complex: don’t try to do RAID 5 data recovery or RAID 0 data recovery yourself when the data is crucial and you’re not 100% sure you will be successful. A simple mistake, or even the correct course of action on a compromised system, can turn an easy RAID data recovery (for us) into one that is not recoverable at all, by anyone.

Our RAID Data Recovery techniques are effective for repairing all types of inaccessible data from hard drive failure, user error, raid controller failure, deletions, sabotages, multi-drive failure, and all kinds of server failure, even from floods, fires, and lightning. If it is recoverable by anyone or any data recovery company, we think we’ll recover it. Whether you have complete hardware RAID system failure requiring cleanroom work or software corruption such as deletions due to virus attacks or user error, contact the RAID data recovery experts at IT Data Recovery, and know that your data is in the hands of the very best in the

RAID data recovery industry.

We at IT Data Recovery have over 30 years of combined experience recovering data from all types of RAID 5, RAID 1, RAID 0, RAID 6, and other RAID variations. As a cleanroom-equipped data recovery lab, we have the best and latest equipment and software to perform RAID data recoveries on all types of RAID system failure, including those related to internal hard drive failure. In addition to using software de-striping methods, including our own specially-designed software not available to the public, we have the knowledge and experience to safely perform RAID recoveries using manual hex-level techniques without the assistance of RAID recovery software that many other labs are dependent upon.

Software techniques will not work for many RAID cases, and most other data recovery labs do not have the ability to perform RAID recoveries that software cannot fix. As a result of this, we are often able to recover RAID systems that other data recovery labs have attempted and failed at recovering.

RAID data recovery is something most of our clients never thought they would need, after all, the reason a RAID 5 system was implemented in the first place was for the extra level of protection it provides.

95% of the time, RAID 5, RAID 1, and their variations handle the failure of one hard drive in the system without issue. However, serious problems can arise when two hard drives fail at the same time, when the RAID card malfunctions, when correct RAID settings are lost or changed, when the operating system has failed, and/or when an easy-to-make user error has occurred.

As with almost all data recoveries we perform, we make a complete mirror image of the entire RAID system (every hard drive involved) before beginning the actual decoding, de-striping, and recovery. In doing so, we completely eliminate any concern that the original data configuration will be harmed or altered in any way.

We have successfully performed RAID data recovery for hospitals, medical branches, Fortune 500 businesses and small businesses, U.S. military, research labs, universities, musicians and recording studios, filmmakers and production companies, insurance companies, and many individual users, too.

Our RAID Recovery Services are located in Austin, Texas, and we are very familiar with, and have recovered data from, hundreds of Dell brand servers using PERC cards, as well as Apple Macintosh, IBM, Compaq, Buffalo, G-drive, LaCie and any of the hundreds of other hardware and software RAID configurations available. Our hex-level decoding abilities and non-dependence on software enable us to work on ALL RAID systems, using ANY OS. We are able to bypass OS dependency and go straight to the real problem with the RAID system.

Please call 512-444-3282 to speak to a technician (almost always immediately, at any hour 24×7 for emergencies) with any RAID 5 data recovery or RAID 0 disk recovery questions you have. We understand very well that, when a RAID server goes down, our client’s business may also be down, and we have frequently begun the process of RAID recovery by picking up a system in Austin, TX between the hours of 12am-5am to reduce a company’s downtime.


Call 512-444-3282 to discuss your hard drive problem with a live technician and discuss options with your data recovery.

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