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IT Data Recovery’s specialty is cleanroom-level hard drive data recovery services on failing and failed hard drives. This has been our main business since we opened in 2002.

No matter what the issue, if your data is not accessible from a hard drive, your best chance for recovery is to bring it to the pros at IT Data Recovery.

We perform data recovery service on all types and sizes of hard drives. This includes internal and external, Macintosh and Windows, desktop drives and laptop drives, single drives, and multi-drive RAID systems. Basically, if it uses a hard drive, we work on it.

We’ve recovered all brands of drives, including: Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, Samsung, HGST Hitachi, Maxtor, Fujitsu, LaCie, Buffalo, G-Drive, IBM, Dell, HP, Compaq, Simpletech, Adata, and many others.

The first place you take a dying drive often has the best chance of recovery, so naturally our suggestion is to try IT Data Recovery first if you suspect your drive is failing.

We’ve recovered thousands of dead and dying drives from all kinds of hard drive issues including: clicking, strange noises, ‘can see files but not access them’, non-detection issues, fire damage, liquid damage, electronic problems, lightning damage, service area / firmware problems, dropped drives, and more.

A failing hard drive’s condition will very commonly become worse with continued regular and amateur-level software-only techniques, so if your data is important, getting your failing drive into a real, qualified cleanroom lab like us can make the difference between whether the data is recoverable or not.

It can also make the difference between whether the failure is still in the early stages and therefore on the low end of the pricing spectrum or whether it’s in very bad shape and requires more-expensive hard drive surgery in the cleanroom for the recovery.

Call 512-444-3282 to discuss your hard drive problem with a live technician and discuss options with your data recovery.

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