★★★★★ Rated

Data Recovery from bad and failing drives is our whole business.

IT Data Recovery is an Austin data recovery cleanroom lab performing recoveries for individuals, businesses, and even other data recovery providers.   Locally-owned and physically-located in Austin, Texas, we offer our data recovery services nationwide and to the world.  Since 2002, we’ve performed thousands of successful data recoveries, and we have always had a flawless, A+ BBB rating.

We specialize in Hard Drive, RAID, NAS, and SSD recoveries, and we’ve often recovered data from cases that other shops called impossible … hundreds of times over the years.

If your drive’s data is recoverable by any data recovery company, we think we’ll recover it, and we’ll probably save hundreds of dollars or more in the process.

We use the latest, greatest, top-tier data recovery equipment and techniques specifically designed to recover data from dead and dying hard drives as safely as possible.  Over the years, we’ve invested over $150K in specialized data recovery equipment and tools to help maximize our success rate.

There is a night-and-day difference both in safety and success rate when comparing us to regular computer repair shops, computer / IT specialists, and even many other data recovery service offerings, many of which basically just use $50 downloaded software on failing drives, which can often make things worse on a failing drive.  A failing hard drive will very often degrade, so getting your drive to the pros first can be the difference between success or failure, or the difference between a low-cost vs high-cost recovery if we catch the problem before it becomes severe.

We want to do our best to recover your data and make the process as painless as possible for our customers, whenever, and as often as possible.  We truly want you to be as happy as the situation allows with our service, and nothing makes us happier than hearing back from a happy customer after a job well-done.  Still, some drives are impossible to recover by anyone (even us), but rest assured that we only charge for data recovery service when we are successful.